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Hosting does not matter because the internets is free

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Hosting Matters as a virtual host sucks little wormy, sour green apples. I’ve had nothing but trouble all week with my server (Clio). I keep hearing about slashdot, or this or that, but what it all boils down to, is there are over 500 virtual sites hosted on my machine alone.

This is too damn many.

I know this is a cheap service, but I’ve had inexpensive hosting before without these problems.

I’m paid up until May 1st. At that time, I may not even maintain a web site any more. I’ve had web sites since 1996, 1995 if you count a tilde site (~) I had at a local Portland ISP. I have five domains coming up for renewal this month. Maybe I should just let the whole damn thing go to dark.

Next time I read something like World of Ends, and hear all the glorious extoling of an Internet that isn’t owned, and which anyone can use, I’m going to print the thing out, shred it, and send it to the authors along with interesting and detailed instructions on exactly what they can do with the paper.

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