Digital Photography Review bought by Amazon

I was surprised to read in Digital Photography Rreview that it had been bought by Amazon. I would assume this signals a major move by Amazon into the digital photography field, competing against that granddaddy of photography sales, B & H.

I purchased my Nikon D200 through Amazon, but getting it was somewhat a mistake. When these popular cameras were first out and impossible to find, I decided to put in a pre-order at Amazon while I thought about whether I could afford to buy the new camera. I figured it would be months before getting the camera, and I’d have time to get my finances in order. What I didn’t know is that Amazon had a stash of these and next thing I know, I get an email that my order was filled. Whether I could afford it or not–I really couldn’t–was moot.

In a couple of days, UPS delivers my camera: packed loose in a box, with one little air pillow to fill the large, empty space into which my camera was placed. Bounce, bounce. Bounce, bounce. Luckily, Nikon makes a sturdy camera.

Amazon has a ways to go before it can take on B & H. In the meantime, congratulations to Digital Photography Review. It will be interesting to see what comes from this purchase.

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