Disclaimer: I can be bought

Both David Weinberger and Frank Paynter reference a bizarre posting about issuing disclaimers on who pays for the blog.

Mr. Weinberger took it seriously, but I prefer Mr. Paynter’s response:

You people have got to be kidding. Conflict of interest? Disinterest is more like it. Who cares who pays for my blog anyway?

Hmmm, I am begging for a new camera–does that count? As for hosting, through the kindness of friends my weblog hosting was paid for last year, though I did share space with a group of really interesting people (it is true what they say about poets, the poetic at heart, and other strange people).

Currently I’m now covering all my hosting expenses. However, I can be bought; you can buy me for a very reasonable price.


I think perhaps I should put a caveat on the word “bought”.

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