Disconnected connected development

I do most of my development on remote servers, either at my client’s or my own sites. However, when contemplating server-side development in a disconnected environment, I had to decide if I wanted to create the local work space on my PC or my Mac.

The PC has more space, but most applications run into problems when working with Windows. I should say, most open source applications run into problems when working in Windows. In addition, I haven’t upgraded my Linux dual-boot in the longest times, and frankly, just wasn’t that interested in dealing with it at the moment.

My Mac, a PowerBook G4, 500 MHz with 512MB of memory has a Unix core underlying all that bubble stuff. I’ve used up much of the disk space, though I am clearing it and putting all my photos on CDs. The big question is will everything I need work on the Mac?

From a software perspective, what I need is a working install of MySQL, PHP, Apache, WordPress, and OsCommerce. And possibly Drupal. The Drupal and OsCommerce are for clients; the WordPress is for my work on Wordform.

Tiny bits of research later: MacZealots covers getting WordPress and MySQL running so that takes care of that. (It also has a guide on installing Drupal.) And I’ve found an installation guide of putting OsCommerce on the Mac. Not only that but there’s a support forum for Mac users running OsCommerce.

My Mac has now gone from being just my main photography/Adobe Photoshop site, to my new open source development machine and photo site. I hate to sound like a Mac bigot — but I am really turning into a Mac bigot. I love my Mac, even if I still haven’t gotten that damn battery lose yet.

I still use the Windows box, though. You know, for old times sake.

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