Disembodied voices

Before I get into the true topic of this posting, I did want to clarify that, no, I did not take my clothes off and go prancing naked among the poison ivy leaves. I thought it was important to make that clarification.

(In actuality, what got me was what I thought was a harmless dead poison ivy vine that had fallen across the trail – only to find that out that the substance that causes the reaction can hang around on a dead plant for up to five years. Go figure. And no, I don’t have the rash on my ____)

A lively, interesting discussion is brewing between Jonathon Delacour, Dorothea Salo, and Liz Lawley, sparked by Liz’s an Extrovert Speaks. Jonathon responded, curious about how a relationship can occur between an extrovert and an introvert, especially a strong introvert. To Jonathon, an ideal relationship is two introverts …who can intuitively share their thoughts and feelings.

Dorothea responded to Jonathon, referencing her’s and David’s relationahip:

But if I tried to ‘intuit’ his thoughts and feelings on a grand scale, or he mine, we’d be divorced. It just doesn’t work that way. Not even for introverts.

The back and forth continues, first Jonathon, then Dorothea, and Liz has promised to respond later today or tomorrow.

I was particularly taken with this cross-blog exchange not just because it’s an interesting subject – introversion and extroversion and relationships of like and unlike – discussed in an engaging manner by all parties; I was also taken by how much each person’s own unique voice and style came through with their responses. For the first time in the two years I’ve been weblogging (Yup, you heard it here first, two year anniversay), this is the first time I felt like I was ‘hearing’ the people talk. Disembodied voices.

Do I want to join the conversion? I’m tempted because it is so interesting, and Liz, Dorothea, and Jonathon have said much to respond to. But you know, sometimes it’s nice just to sit in the corner and listen.

And look at the pretty daffodils Loren and Sean brought. And try not to scratch.

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