To whom it concerns

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To: Beth Davis, Vice-President and General Manager, Y98
Smokey Rivers, Director of Programming

Dear Ms. Davis, Mr. Rivers:

I have enjoyed your radio station, and the mix of music you play for some time now. It is with a great deal of regret that I must tell you I can no longer listen to your station, not while your station is demonstrating such a strong political bias as regards the current war in Iraq. Tonight when I listened to your station, I was increasingly unhappy to hear quotes from the President’s pro-war speeches in between the songs, as well as exhortations to attend a pro-war rally. This not to mention so much emphasis on what I can only refer to as ‘patriotism at all costs’. I have to wonder, and already know the answer, do you give as much air time to those who speak out in dissent against this war?

I love this country, and I care very much for the service people who are in harms way. They are one of the reasons I am so against this war – a belief that our service people have been put in harms way for reasons having little to do with the security of this country. I also believe in freedom of speech and as such I would support your decisions to air news of the rally and President Bush’s speech, if you were also willing to provide equal time for those in the community that are deeply concerned about the war and about the lack of unbiased news Americans are getting. In particular, do you give voice to those who are concerned that we are losing our freedom to speak out against the war?

Not long ago, I held a candle for peace only to have a person call me a traitor. Is this the America we want? Is this the America we want our service people to die for?

Being against this war does not mean we’re against our service people, or against this country. It does mean that we believe Americans have a duty to see with both eyes, and to listen with both ears. When the media in the country only plays one song, tells only one story, shows only one viewpoint, no matter how hard Americans strain to see and to hear the truth, they’ll never find that which is kept hidden and silenced.

Again, yours is a wonderful station, and I have appreciated the many hours of good music you’ve shared with me. Perhaps at some time in the future we’ll have the peace to share a love of music together again.


Shelley Powers

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