Don’t link to this

Never attempt to write anything as long as my previous post, directly in the weblogging tool. If you do, you will go mad, and most likely cause harm to your computer or cat, whichever is closer.

I did want to point out that after my experiment in the earlier post–and did you all have to click that link that said “don’t click”? Is that the key to popularity? Name your weblog, “Don’t Read Me”?–I did confirm what Kevin Marks wrote earlier, in that you can use your own URL as the feed for a Technorati tag, rather than have to point to Technorati directly.

As long as the rel=”tag” attribute is in the link, Technorati pulls the filename from the URL and uses this as the tag name. This should reassure folks who are concerned about putting too much juice into Technorati, because any tool, now, can do the same: look for the attribute and derive the tag name from the file name, and create it’s own ‘tagback’ page. And since I point the link at my URL, even if the Technorati tagback page disappears, my link is still valid; I control the data, and the tagback still exists.

Kevin also confirmed that search bots are being denied access to the tags page, through the use of the META tag. Google honors this, so no pagerank. No pagerank, no reason for spamming.

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