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Don’t visit in the summer

I love my new adopted home, I really do. I’d love to share it with all of you, except that I have to honestly say, whatever you do, don’t visit this summer.

It’s only the middle of may and we’re heading to 90F, and 85% or better humidity. I went to the library and the store, both of which were cooled (and the library had some kind of band playing, go figure), but by the time I came home, I was dying. And it smells like something crawled into the attic and died.

With the rains we’re having and these 20 degree above normal temperature days, and the mild winter, the Missouri Green will have progressed from beautiful and mysterious and richly emerald to forests black as night because the foliage is so heavy. Not to mention the ticks and all the other insects out this year.

But let’s face it: bugs aside, you can’t do much when it gets over 100F and close to 90% humidity. Well, maybe you can. I can’t.

Fall. Fall is a nice time to visit St. Louis. Not September, I’m heading to Alaska in September. October. Octoberfest in St. Louis.

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