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Dorothea revealed

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Dorothea takes a moment and tells the world about herself, her husband, and her goth kitties in a new Frank Paynter interview, a blogging piece well worth the read.

Among the broad range of subjects covered in the interview was Dorothea’s experience with gaming and role playing, as well as her academic and musical experiences (hint – MP3 – hint). She also discusses an interesting time she’s had with a non-compete clause (the bane of technical/creative people everywhere), and her passion for text “artistry” – giving me an entirely different viewpoint of, and appreciation for, markup.

One item that surprised me was Dorothea stating that I remind her of herself. On further reflection, I would tend to agree. Neither of us is inherently maternal, and we both can be opinionated – at times. Additionally, I have this feeling that neither of us suffers fools gladly, which can cause trouble in the jobspace.

And we both like Ursula LeGuin and hate shopping for clothes.

In the interview, Dorothea also talks about her hubbie and his participation with the Tolkien movie, but I’ll leave her to tell this story.

From my reading, Dorothea struck me as being tenaciously strong, ultra-smart, as well as being artistically inclined and talented. And knowing Dorothea’s self-deprecating attitude (which we’re working on curing, BTW), I bet she hated that last sentence.

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