Double takes

Dorothea accepts a challenge that I don’t remember making and has put her weblog into the public domain. Well, cool. Aquarionics took her up on her offer in a surprisingly short amount of time. Comments look nice in the design.

Personally, I could care less what people do or don’t do with their writing, painting, photography, music, weblogs, web sites, and even tables. Seriously. You’re all big boys and girls and can do whatever you want, and accept the consequences of same.

I think I’d rather talk about something else, such as music. For instance, if you haven’t heard Norah Jones sing, you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. I don’t care if you like Pop, rock, country, jazz, blues, or soul, you’re going to like Norah. Luckily, there’s two sites that contain complete recordings of some of her songs, including ones from her debut album, Come Away with Me. I love the whole album, but favorites are The Nearness of You, Come Away with Me, Nightingale, Shoot the Moon, and Don’t Know Why.

I guess that’s half the album. But then, I also like the Painter’s Song, and …

Look: Take a moment, click a link, sit back and enjoy beautiful, beautiful music. And then go over to Aquarionics and leave him a comment that he can continue to use the image if he keeps the look.

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