Draft if finished, world didn’t end

In between covering our windows with plastic and applying duct tape around any cracks and crevices, I finally finished the first draft of Practical RDF tonight. I need to do some clean up and re-numbering and then will repost the chapters one more time for one final review. In a few weeks, if we survive imminent biological and chemical devastation, and if O’Reilly’s publication process isn’t co-opted for the upcoming non-UN sanctioned war against Iraq, the book will finally head towards the printers. Lots of work to get to this point.

Despite the long hours this week on the book, I still managed to keep up with theĀ duct tape defense. I’ll have you know I treat the Homeland Security recommendations as seriously as I treat the Department of Homeland Security.

After all, terrorists took down the Twin Towers with box cutters; why can’t we defend ourselves against weapons of mass destruction with duct tape?

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