Dusty tears

There is much to discuss on weblogging and truth and weblogging and literature, particularly in light of new essays and responses. More than any other discussion I’ve seen on weblogging, this topic gets to the heart of how far we can stretch these new medium. First, though, I am off to see if the Virginia Bluebells have flowered, and whether I can see them among the clouds of pollen, and the dusty tears in my eyes. More on weblogging and literature and truth later today.

Before taking off, I did want to provide a link to a devastatingly comprehensive survey and summary of the archaelogical tragedy of the battle in Iraq. Once you read this page, I need say no more on this event. What could I possibly say, after reading all this other than to repeat my own personal sorrow, and that’s a given.

(Link thanks to wood s lot)

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