Dvorak. Again.

It seems that Mr. Dvorak isn’t too happy with webloggers, or with the Cluetrain folks, whom he seems to have intertwined into a blogging hydra, composed of equal parts of both.

I was going to respond to this, and I expect that you all expected me to respond to something like this. I was ready to post a passionate response, burning with the heat of a thousand cold blue white suns. After all, I’m Burningbird and this is nothing less than what you’ve come to expect. Right?

However, after reading several postings throughout weblogging today, I find that I have neither the energy nor the inclination to say more about my opinion of Mr. Dvorak and his pieces on weblogging. Trying to shoot at his arguments is equivalent to trying to shoot bullets at an armor built of steel-plated arrogance — nothing could possibly get through, so why try?

Others less passionate, more reasonable, calmer and more influential have something to say on Dvorak — I suggest you read   theminstead.

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