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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Just had an earthquake — my first San Francisco earthquake.

Strange experience!

Not a biggie — but shook the apartment. I’ve never been through one of the Seattle quakes, so this was my first earthquake. The ground does roll, doesn’t it?

more on the quake at USGS and SF Gate.

Update — I was the first source online to report the quake. You can all pay me now…

Just found out the quake was a 5.2, and occurred at 10:01 in Gilroy, south of San Francisco. This is a significant quake without being overly dangerous. Enough to shake but not shatter.

Reports of water pipe breakage, that sort of thing. My apartment’s on landfill, which might account for the “rolling” impression. I actually felt it in my chair before it rattled the door. Felt as if the floor literally rolled under me.

Sorry if I’m going on, but this really was a unique experience for me…

BTW — You’ll all be glad to know that I looked out the window and the Bay Bridge is still standing 😉

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