Emailing a weblogger

There are few things more irritating then to always get your spam email, but to not get other email you’re expecting; you don’t know if there’s something wrong with your email system, the other person’s email system, or they’re just too busy to respond.

My email program put an email from one person I had expected a response from last week into the junk email folder, for no reason I can understand. I didn’t discover it until tonight when I was looking for another email from another person in response to a question. Which I didn’t find.

If I have learned one thing in my 2+ years of weblogging – if you want to get a response from a weblogger, ask the question in their comments. Otherwise, between spam filters and erratic email systems, as well as limited weblogger time and attention, you might as well send paper planes into the void for all the response you’ll get.

I hope I never get so busy, or so rude, that I don’t respond to emails, even if it’s only to acknowledge that I’ve received them. If you don’t hear from me, always assume the email is lost and resend it.

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