Emerging Technology Conference

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Clay Shirky was kind enough to stop by, and drop a comment in the post “We are Out There”. Among other things, he references a conference O’Reilly is putting on: the Emerging Technologies conference, being held in April in Santa Clara.

The conference will have a social software track, for those interested in attending. I, unfortunately, do not have the funds to attend. And before anyone points a finger, yes I would like to attend, and yes I am envious. Very. I am eating sour grapes by the handful if one is curious. However, paying bills and rent takes precedence over technical conferences (a point I was trying to make in my “We are out there” posting).

Catch 22: To get jobs for money to attend conferences you have to have a network of contacts in the biz; but to get the network you have to attend conferences. Excuse me while I go dump my head in a bucket of ice water to complete the job of the cough.

(Now, if this had been held in Chicago or St. Louis instead of the inevitable West or East coast location…)

Update And now Dave is talking about a Weblogger Conference. Sigh.

You know what conferences are? Lodestones for the elite.

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