End of a Photo era

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

My first camera was the newly released Nikon 8008, though I used Nikon cameras previously when I worked for a photographer. I liked the 8008 so much that I ended buying two bodies: one to hold B & W film; one for color.

Now I use a digital Nikon, the D70, and hope to, someday, move up the line to something like the D2X. Until then, though, my D70 does a wonderful job, and I love the camera.

I was ambivalent when I heard the news that Nikon is discontinuing most of its film line in addition to all of its manual lens–only providing support for the F6 and FM10 and whatever lenses these cameras need. This does signal a major shift in the camera industry, and for the first time I wonder how much longer film cameras will exist. More, I wonder how much longer film makers will continue to create film.

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