Photography Pheeds

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I won’t be purchasing iLife 6 anytime soon, but I gather it does have a nice feature in that you can subscribe to a Flickr photo feed with the tool. Unlike regular feed readers, with iPhoto, you can create a slideshow of the images–rather nice, really.

A friend has subscribed to my Flickr feed, and hopefully I’ll have some interesting photos for him to look at–bald eagles if I can ever manage to get any pictures. Still, I don’t expect to be posting as many photos to Flickr in the next few months. I want to experiment around with creating my own photo applications using the wide variety of Ruby-on-Rails, PHP, JavaScript and other libraries on my development server. I also want to start being a bit more discriminating about what I publish online. Quality, not quantity.

In addition, I want to start separating out the social aspect of photography that comes with photos being on a Flickr site. I want the photography to be seen as photography, not an invitation to have communal chat. I think the community can be fun, and I’ve met terrific folks at Flickr. But I also think it can impact on how you view your photography over time; or at least, I’ve found it so.

I still think Flickr is the cat’s jammies, and plan on continuing to use the service–just not as frequently, or for the same purpose as I’ve used the site in the past (as storage for my online photos).

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