Fangs and Necks

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

To make matters worse, at a Highlander convention, these people are all carrying swords! Lord only knows what happens at Buffy tVS cons. I can guess, though, because Forever Knight was a show about vampires,and so there were a number of people running around Syndicon wearing fangs. It was the ones with the fangs … and the swords that really worried me.

You can tell, as you observe these people, which ones are just having fun and which ones have gone over the edge. There were a few too many over the edge for my comfort zone.

I found this at a beautiful weblog, From the Treetop, who also happens to exercise good judgement and excellent taste. Ahem.

I couldn’t agree more with Treetop: swords and fangs would worry me a bit, too.

Now, if you want to talk about fangs and necks…

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