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I’m so tired today, I can barely put fingers to keyboard to type anything even remotely coherent. Traditionally, this is a state in which most programmers operate, but I’m not a very traditional programmer.

I wasn’t just being a tease with the RDF data on S3 post–I am trying something rather fun, but I have only so many hours in a day and work and book are taking them and then some. I can tell right now, probably by next weekend I’ll be hitting the wall and will need to take a couple of quiet days away from the computer. Perhaps I’ll spend a few days taking photos of Missouri Mills. I’ve thought about going over to see the aquarium in Tennessee. Maybe I’ll go down to New Orleans or Memphis, or up to Chicago.

I’m going to miss living in a central location where less than a day’s travel can get you most places in the country. But I’d give it all up right now for a couple of quiet days on the beach. I miss the ocean. I miss the San Juan’s. I miss Canon Beach. I miss the smell, and the sound–the grit of sand, the aftertaste of salt, and the lavender/cyan/greenness you can only see when you close your eyes. I guess the speck of Missouri dirt wasn’t my dirt after all. Not surprising, really, because I’m a child of water, not land. Home, mutable home.

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