Tap tap tapping

During tonight’s walk, I finally saw the pileated woodpecker. Several times, in fact, as he was looking for food in several trees and logs nearing the walk. No camera, but I did capture a bad photo on my cell phone. Of course, I don’t have photo service with my phone carrier, and won’t get it just to upload a bad photo. You’ll just have to take my word for it that I saw it; I wouldn’t lie about something like this. Besides, I usually save my lies for an audience of one.

It was a beautiful bird–all the birds tonight were lovely including the cardinals, the titmouse, the bluebirds, the red-wing–Powder never fails to please.

I thought I would take a moment from my usual blather to make a note that whatever I write, say, or post here is my own personal opinion and doesn’t reflect anything, stated, or otherwise, of my current employer, client, or boss type people. You can always take that as a given no matter who I’m working with. In fact, always assume that behind me is a boss frantically shaking his or her head, waving arms wildly in agitated negation at the very thought that anything I would say would have even the most remote association with my work, or the philosophy of the people I work with.

I may, from time to time, mention something specific to technology we’re using, or accomplishments that can be discussed publicly–but only in the most general way. And I would never repeat what my co-workers say: not even in jest. I don’t work and tell. That’s just plain rude.

No one asked me to write this. I just thought, knowing me, knowing what I write, knowing some of the folks about, I should make this very clear.

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