February 8 2002

Monsieur Of-the-court, I doth my hat and I salute you, sir!

Update Sorry, Shelley’s creative spelling again — it’s doff. Doff my hat. Thanks Meryl.


New sunglasses and nifty new plastic maps bought and stowed. Pleasantly surprised at the prices for glasses at Site for Sore Eyes. Normally I’m unpleasantly surprised by the prices in San Francisco. Also bought book for reading along the way. Any guesses as to what I got? Hmm? You’re an educated lot — you can figure it out.

I’m letting Mr. Of-the-court off the hook with the joke. The thing with jokes is that you have to cook em just right. Too soon, and you’ve got chicken sushi; too late and you got yesterday’s barbie’d chooch.


I’m not the only “voice” of weblogging — check out Gary’s soft, handsome vocal creation.


Lot’s to do today to get ready for the trip, including a visit to my favorite store, the Travel Shop. I love this store, which gives you a good indication how much I like to travel. This trip is long overdue.

Do you think that I’ve embarrassed Jonathon enough with my Plutonian list? Or do you think I should let the Sun King designation hang for a bit? Personally, my inclination is to let it hang for a while, milk it for all its worth.

Justin, is this the Rock City you were referring to?


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