FileZilla Gotcha

Enough with the BS, let’s talk something useful.

I found this last week that Filezilla 2.2.1b (and earlier versions) will truncate files when uploading several directories at a time. I discovered this first when I found the file was truncated. Then when I was trying to port the old entries into the Semantic Web for Poets, after a great deal of research and effort, I found that the several of the HTTP perl modules were also truncated.

Checking around at a couple of the other Wayward Webloggers I found some others, including some graphics that were truncated.

I was using the Windows version, on W2K, uploading to Red Hat Linux.

If you’re using Filezilla to upload a lot of directories and you’re using the Windows version, just be aware of this as a problem. Bugs have been filed on this at the Filezilla site.

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