Just Shelley


The next few weeks are going to be busy. I’m finishing up my contract for Broadband Mechanics, and hope to have my work for the company completed by Christmas. I also have a tech edit for a book that’s rather enjoyable, and needs to be finished by month end; not to mention an older task that I’ve had some mental blocks with and we’re trying a different approach.

To me, December is a time of ends. It’s a time of completing unfinished tasks: meeting promises; reading that book you’ve put off; watching that movie you’re been saving for just the right moment. It’s a time of long walks and reflection and thinking back on the past year, and facing the truths you’ve put off for a rainy day.

Twice a week during December, I attack a room in our townhome and clean it top to bottom. If there’s a closet, I order it; if there’s clutter, I throw it out. With my roommates help, we use his sewing machine to fix clothes still good, but with tears, or splits, or frayed edges. I also organize my computers, and plan on cleaning up my photos.

All is not work: I am treating myself to a week off the last week of December. I have a set of books on order at the library, and a movie I received for my birthday I’ve been saving for a less hectic time. The Firefly movie Serenity will be out on the 20th and I plan on being first in line to buy it. I also plan on seeing both Narnia and King Kong at the theaters, on the big screen. With popcorn.

By that time the Battle of the Worlds BitTorrent download might actually be finished. Nope, nope — just checked and download time is still at 0.1 KiB/s.

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