Web Weblogging


Aside from adding some links and text, my first release of OutputThis! is online. Notice the exclamation point? Punctuation is the new black.

The rollout of the Structured Blogging work is tomorrow afternoon, but I’ve been playing with it today. When SB rolls out tomorrow I’ll list links to the test weblogs, but for now, you can check out OutputThis! Yes, I designed it. Yes, I know you hate it.

There’s been some odds and ends about the ‘forking’ nature of Structured Blogging today. It makes no sense, and the folks who are concerned haven’t posted anything online expressing their concerns, so end of story.

What is it, though, with webloggers who reach a point of success and then seem to stop weblogging? Is that the key to getting rid of webloggers–help them become successful at weblogging, and then they’ll stop weblogging? For all those people who don’t care for me and who would like to see me disappear, here’s your chance: help make me a Successful Weblogger, and I’ll go away.

In the meantime, I have a couple of long posts I’m working on and a links post to some very nice stuff you all are writing. I am surrounded by such talented people, which is good for folks like me; too bad for you, though, that you’re not successful enough at weblogging to give up weblogging.

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