Fire and ice

Though I work primarily with backend development, my start in writing was front end design and development, working with Javascript and CSS. I know, hard to imagine.

Lately though, I’ve been in a design mood, and have designed a new format for this weblog, which you can see at the test weblog. I’ve borrowed Michael Hanscom’s idea of a style switcher, and his Javascript, and have created three styles so far. I have five more in the wings, waiting to finish, but you can see what I have now.

The (F) and (S) designate fixed background image or sliding. So far my favorite design is Fire and Ice, inspired by a posting title by Rogi. Check out the sidebar that changes with each stylesheet. The photos change in and around the ‘floating cloud’ segmented sidebar, as someone named it, and a lovely name it is. The difference from the original design is that I am now going fully centered.

I still need to play around with the stylesheets, make sure it works with the browsers I plan on supporting. And I have one last challenge – the Burningbird title. I want it to right align with the box holding the post text, but haven’t figured it out yet. If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate hearing about them.

Found, thanks to Roger.

This has been fun. Much more fun than being a pain in the butt to the WordPress people. But not as fun as paddle-ball, Dave.

Nice safe, topic.

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