Fire and Ice

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

One unusual quality to weblogging is reading about summer fires one day, and major ice storms the next.

I must check my map before calling out greetings to friends, such as “Stay cool” to Jonathon and Victor; and “Stay warm” to RyanSharon, and Jeneane.

As for me? I exist in a perfect state of being at this one moment, for which I feel no guilt; but can scrape together enough empathy to wish my friends coolness. Uh, warmness. Wait. Wait! Coolness. No, no. That’s not right. It’s warmness…

“Do not seek for warm fire under cold ice” – Samuel Rutherford

Update: I had forgotten that Mark Pilgrim also lives in the Carolinas. To my surprise, Sam also was hit with the ice storm (for some reason, I thought Sam lived in the West Coast — my powers of observation must suck). Joe Gregorio is also in N. Carolina. So my warmest thoughts go out to them, too.

I lived on Grand Isle in the middle of Lake Champlain in Vermont during the Ice Storm of ’98. We were without power for close to four days, which was a real problem because we had an electric pump system for water. No water, no flush toilet. Believe me, there are worse things than not having heat. Just after the storm, the only movement on the island was National Guard helicopters, called in by the governor. That, in itself, was a bit spooky. We felt as if we were in a war zone.

Most of the trees in our area were decimated in that storm. But oh, that ice was beautiful. Deadly, but beautiful.

I feel for all those caught in yet another “storm of the century” ice storm.

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