First snow

We’re having our first snow of the season today. The level is already at 2 inches and could reach 4. We won’t get what the Northest is expecting to get tomorrow, but I like levels of snow that dust your toes, rather than dust your nose.

first snow

The first snow of the year always cheers me up. This has not been a happy few weeks for me, but it’s turning around, slowly. The snow, Photoshop’s performance in the new laptop (fast!), and cracking my Mom up during a long phone call last night, splurging and buying the “Pegasus” episode of Battlestar Galactica–mixed in with some other odds and ends, not to mention hearing from old friends, online and off, and the week will end better.

sun dial

I am finishing things: an edit, a writing, and an application. However, I am rewriting the application. Normally, re-working code isn’t fun, but in this case, it feels really good.

Christmas shrub

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