Connecting Weather

First storm of the season

The weather today is horrid, and I almost changed my mind about coming down to the coffee shop to connect, but I had work to deliver, and new work to pick up. This is definitely the downside of not having a connection; with comment spammers and tech problems at the Kitchen and snow predicted later, I have to wonder how long this little brain storm will last.

(Note, as I sit here shivering in the cafe, soaked to the skin after drying my laptop bag off, I think not long…)

Yet there’s the advantages: having to work something through on my own in Adobe CS without being able to ‘google for help’; spending last night relaxing with a book rather than being online; and the experience at the library yesterday.

I had to share one of the small computer rooms with another person, since I hadn’t booked ahead. As I was typing away, the gentleman turned to me and said he wished he could type that fast. We ended up chatting about various things, including the internet and what kids are exposed to nowadays. Both of our monitors were very visible to each other, and the type on mine was enlarged, because I was using the handicap-equipped station. I could see from the headers in his page that he was looking up religious material; and he could easily see the writing and photos of the sites that I visit on a fairly regular basis. What a great opportunity for a little cross-cultural exposure.

Still, with the tech problems I had at the Kitchen, and the spam, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…


Well, this is one of my more brain dead ideas. After driving home through streets with a foot of water in places, I decided to grab a dial-up account. Not having a connection at home does not work if you’re having to make deliverables on specific days and can’t always drive to a internet connection; or when you’re having to monitor sites that are having problems.

But dial-up is also a pain to use, so it makes a happy medium between always on, and always off.

Besides, the problem isn’t with the connection, it’s with me. Instead of changing the connection, I need to change me.

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