Five words or less

Michael Barrish:


I am alone


Mark Pilgrim:


I am blessed.




Never tell me the odds.


Jonathon Delacour:


Life is a beautiful dream.


Shannon Campbell


I reap what I sow.


Steve Himmer


How did I get here?




I have what I need.


Frank Paynter:


I continue to grow.


Euan Semple:


What I am is enough.


Dorothea Sala


I’ll get by.


Will Raleigh:


False risk is almost enough.


Stavros the WC


Somewhere there’s a place I belong.


Robert Brown


A work in progress.


And my own story, the story that Michael Barrish says …we try all of our lives to prove is true and that can be summarized in five words or less?



I am a writer.



And so the tapestry unfolds, woven from words which come simply and gracefully across the screen from each writer. Whatever the tapestry is called, though, one thing is certain: it sure as heck isn’t named “meme”.

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