Just Shelley

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Well a bit of good news and a bit of other news: which do you want first? Okay, the good news it it.

I had an email from an editor at a major publishing company (not O’Reilly) about using excerpts from one of my online articles for their 2003 edition Social Studies text book. If this works out, this will be the first time I’ve had any of my non-computer related material incorporated into a book.

This email not only put a smile on my face, it drew forth a giggle. There, you heard it here: The Bird giggles.

If you’re interested, you can access the article online. It’s called Remembering Mount St. Helen’s. It recounts my experiences living in Yakima when Mount St. Helen’s blew up. You’ll find that it’s smaller than many of my weblog posts.

Now, on to the other news. As I hinted in the last post, I am closing down the Burningbird weblog. I may only shut down until I find a job. Or I may shut down for a few months, take a nice break, come back refreshed.

Regardless of the period of time, I did want to say that these weblog pages are going to be pulled in about a week. I’m in the process of looking for a job, and a search in Google on my name brings up these pages. Unfortunately, some of the things I’ve written about could potentially impact on me finding work. I know that free speech is guaranteed in this country, but let’s get real — if some HR person doesn’t like what I write, they won’t call about a job. I have to be practical.

When the pages are pulled my handy dandy RDF content management system will kick in and you’ll get a nice page saying something to the effect that I’m molting and I’ll be back when I’ve risen from the ashes.

In the meantime, I’ll miss you all. I once told someone that you can’t feel warmth through the wires, but that was a lie — you can.

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