For Poets

Completed the four new Burningbird Network weblogs – Semantic Web for Poets, Internet for Poets, Linux for Poets, and Weblogging for Poets – as shown in the list to your left. This is all part of a major rework of the entire Burningbird Network, something I’ve been wanting to do for some time and am finally getting around to it.

Currently I’m moving a couple of older posts over to the new sites, but I’m also working on a Semantic Web for Poets entry having to do with recent W3C TAG discussions, semiotics of photography, and the ultimate New Age question:

Who am I?

Couple of days. First I have an overdue essay for Linux for Poets, and one on Weblogging for Poets.

Fun. By the way, check out the poem for the Semantic Web for Poets weblog – see if you can catch the allusion to RDF.

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