For Sale: Attention

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I had a couple of things I thought about writing on this morning. There was a reinvention of mobile computing, as well as echoes of money money money MONEY. Not to mention, all those boys comparing the sizes of their … bank accounts.

But then I thought, what am I doing? Here I am, giving attention to people who sit there raking in thousands, tens of thousands of dollars per day, all based on people like me giving them attention. What do I get? Do I get any of the loot? No siree. Do I get any thanks? Not a bit. Do I even get any respect at least?

Not hardly.

Today, Bb Gun is starting anew. Today Bb Gun only gives attention if she’s paid for it. Yup, I figure a link has got to be worth at least $100.00, would you say? And if I throw a paragraph around it, why that’s got to be worth another $50.00. Or should that be $50.00 a link, and an additional $100.00 for a paragraph?

Hey, I want to get into this blogging as business thing, too. I and others like me have been told we’re not part of the program, we’re going against the flow, casting a pall, being downers and so on. I’m taking this opportunity to expand my horizens, not to mention my bank account, as well as cast gladness in the hearts of those who despaired that we’d ever understand. I figured, at a minimum, I should at least get a bottle of wine.

Oh, I’ll still send attention for free for those who are needy. Kind of like, pro bono weblogging. Additionally, if any of you want to form a network, why I bet all we’d need is five or six of us linking to each other and we’ll own

So any of you want some attention, just send me an email or jot a note in comments and I’ll supply my PayPal account. If you’re strapped for cash, we’ll look into working out some form of payment plan, or even a trade. Got any chickens?

I want to thank those fine, upstanding leaders among us for shedding light on weblogging’s worth so we’re inundated by get rich quick hacks and crunchy wannabees. I particularly want to express my gratitude for demonstrating that the core value of weblogging can be measured in currency.

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