For the weekend

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.


Lauren, who used to write at Feministe, has returned with a new weblog and a new direction:

After blogging for approximately three years, I started Feministe in 2003 and left in January of 2006. In the meantime I have experimented with pseudonyms and gender identity and have decided it wasn’t for me. This new blog is an attempt for me to rediscover the writing voice I left earlier this year, reconnect with the community that supported me, yet do so without the baggage of blogging as a specifically feminist blogger.

I don’t do politics anymore, at least not current events and attempts at take-downs and punditry. This kind of writing, while stimulating, attracts a kind of dialogue in which I’m not interested. I was an English major, god damn it. I like a good story. My favorite kind of writing, and the kind of writing I believe I’m best at, is connecting personal stories to wider political experiences.

I wrote a variation on the continuing theme of lack of visibility of women in the tech fields over at Bb Gun, but Anne Zelenka expands on the general topic to cover all professions.

Karl Martino continues a discussion on the permanence of social software, and links to the participants, including Phil Edwards and Kent Newsome. It’s an interesting, and civil, discussion.

Reminding us of what’s important and what’s real, Loren, who this last week lost a good friend and welcomed a new grandchild, publishes an entry with wonderful bird photos and commentary.

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