From summer to winter in hours

It’s hard to believe looking at this photo that a scant 12 hours before, the temperature was in the 70’s and I was out walking in my t-shirt, driving with the windows down. We went from windy, warm, and wet to a very wet and strong thunderstorm last night, which turned into a snow storm at mid-day. The Meramec, which had been falling is now rising again. And this is our dry season.

Luckily, the odd weather pattern we’ve been experiencing is supposedly over, and we should be looking at a relatively normal winter from this point on. Though it may seem nice to have such temperate conditions, it’s hard to adjust to the weather when it changes so quickly: one day freezing, the next day spring warm, with the barometer rising and falling with each cycle.

Of course, those who have been buried under four feet of snow for the last two months are probably less than sympathetic to my complaints.

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