Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Weblogging makes the world so much smaller, and sometimes the impact of this constriction can slap you in the face with the force of a bazooka.

Mike responded to RageBoy’s current Meme of the Minute — Fucknozzle — with a brilliant but raw seque into the AIDs situation in South Africa, including the absolute inability of the current government to deal with with this crises effectively.

At times it seems as if we’re caught up with frivolity in the face of so much difficulty and darkness. Yet, this frivolity is the one thing we have that we can share — an anchor of silliness and humor, a break, a moment. We focus on something small and intimate or fun and silly or sentimental and cozy because these are things we can control.

I can’t stop the fighting in Afghanistan, but I can make you laugh.

I posted the following in Mike’s comments:

Perhaps its a case of there’s so much that needs to change, so much you would dearly love to change, but can’t, that you grab the few things you can control and focus on them.

Grasping at the few strands of empowerment in the huge sea of absolute powerlessness.

I find myself desperately wishing I could help in South Africa, and also knowing that there’s little I can do.

Little I can do about the orca orphan either, but I can wrap my mind around it, if that makes sense.

With the spread of this new RB Meme we are exercising that one thing we can control — we can share our experiences and lives in our weblogs, and we can read what each other writes, and in the process we can reach out and say Hi, or that’s awful, or that’s great, or cry virtual tears with each other, and tease and joke and share a virtual laugh.

So, world, here you go: Fucknozzle.

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