Fun with CSS

I’ve been catching up on all the fun and interesting writings out and about and one that appeared several times in my RSS reader was kicked off by Mandarin Meg. If you haven’t read Meg’s site, she comes up with the most clever uses of CSS, providing ‘cut and paste’ examples that you can incorporate into your site.

This example appeared in the syndication feeds from Yule’sFrank Paynter’s, and Jim at Noded’s weblogs. Literally appearing, because all three sites provide full content feeds.

Seemed like a fun exercise, so I’ve replaced my main weblog page header with a triple version that uses three different colors, and alpha transparency to create a three dimensional effect. It looks good in my Firefox on Mac, and scattered about, but still good in Safari. It would horrify me to see what it would look like in IE on Windows, so I won’t even look.

The title on the individual pages is what I had been using, and most likely will be going back to, after we’ve had a little fun with the current title. Unfortunately, relative positioning doesn’t translate well from use to use, machine to machine, OS to OS, and especially, from browser to brower.

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