No standing still

As you can see from the new site look, I have been busy in my downtime. Once I finished with my road trip, which was down to Florida taking photos for a book proposal I’m preparing, I returned home to find that the WordPress team had released version 1.5. I then grabbed a copy and started making the changes for Wordform, which is what is now driving this site.

This is a work in progress, which is my way of saying that things can and probably will be breaking this week. However, I think I have the critical elements in place, and only need to test, heavily, before I release the code to the public. I also have to come up with a better upgrade and installation program because I have made some significant changes to the WordPress, and it was a bit painful to move this site to the new software.

(I’ll detail these when I release the software at the Wordform site.)

It was good, good, to have a break, and it’s good to be back writing. In fact, I pushed forward my port of Burningbird to Wordform, as I had promised myself I wouldn’t write back at this site again until it was ported, and I wanted to start writing again. But the break off and away from the computer gave me some good time to plan for the future and think about what I am going to do going forward. This is resulting in many changes to this and my other sites, which I’ll detail in later posts.

Oh, and a new look for Burningbird. Figure I would live up to my name.

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