Just Shelley

Funny Ha Ha

Yesterday, in spite of green herons and kind wishes and the sound of needed coins falling into the alms box, was a very stressful day. The news about my father was difficult to hear, and this was compounded by a fight I had with my roommate. We rarely quarrel and part of it was my growing dislike being dependent on him, though he has never been anything but kind and understanding.

I am going to be spending most of the latter part of the week driving back and forth between Indiana and Missouri, but this time I’m going to take more breaks during the drives; otherwise they’re too tiring. I could stay at my brother’s, but frankly, the drives are a way for me to absorb events and re-aquire my equilibrium. Be prepared for photos of the roadway along the way.

I would lay my head down today and cry, but funny things keep intruding. Yes funny. Ha ha ha ha, funny.

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