Just Shelley

Old people die

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I heard from my brother last night. I guess my Dad’s move from hospital to home did not go well.

The assisted living home didn’t expect Dad to be released so quickly and weren’t set up yet. When Dad got there, all they had was his regular bed and they had to quickly move in a hospital bed, shoving his other bed into the living area. The organization that’s contracted to provide the specialized care Dad needs wasn’t notified and didn’t have anyone there. Luckily one of the helpers at the assisted living home had nursing home training and was able to help in the interim.

The surgeon who operated on Dad sent him home without any further instructions for physical therapy, care, and medicine, particularly pain medicine. All the assisted living home could give Dad was regular Tylenol. My brother hit the roof and had a frank discussion with the head of the assisted living house who directed Mike to the hospital discharge nurse who also had a frank discussion with Mike.

The long and short of it was that the surgeon felt Dad was going home to die anyway, and didn’t need any additional care. Including physical therapy, special care to help Dad once home, and pain medicine.

That was a mistake on his part.

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