Get your Bozo on

Yes! Thank you! I needed this.

The BetterBadNews folk take on Tim O’Reilly, Foo Camp, ranking, as well as making a case for getting your Bozo on. Why? Because being a bozo is where it’s at.

Case in point: Lone wolfs are cool. If you’re a true lone wolf, you don’t care about ranking schemes. Not caring about ranking schemes makes you a bozo within this market driven environment. Hence, being a lone wolf is synonymous with being a bozo. Therefore, you can’t be cool unless you’re a bozo.

Favorite quote:

When I get my Bozo on, I like to agree with the biggest idiot in the room. For no good reason. And then miss the point of the discussion. And then ask a question that has nothing to do with the topic. Is this so wrong?

We need a “What kind of bozo are you” quiz. We could even rank each other within a Bozo ranking system, except that I already ‘own’ bozo. You can ‘own’ bozo, too. All you have to do is not care.

Note that the BBN did make a complimentary comment about my incessant squawking about the uselessness of ranking systems. But even if they had dissed me, I would still point to them — I love their use of satire. And if we can’t laugh at ourselves, then we really are bozos. Not that I’m pointing out any particular bozo when making this statement…

(Thanks to Yule for sending me a heads-up on the broadcast.)

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