Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Halley has two new posts on girlism, related to the release of Charlie’s Angels 2 and Legally Blonde 2, and both are wide of the mark.

In the first she writes:

In both movies, the younger women call on a network of their girlfriends to save the day. In both movies the older feminist woman falters by turning her back on her friends and colleagues. If Girlism is about anything, it’s about women getting their power from loving their women friends and loving men.

I have no idea from where Halley gets her understanding of feminism. She’s not that much younger than me to forget that it wasn’t that long ago that women had to fight to enter any profession, and in doing so, opened the doors for those that followed. Women helping other women isn’t as much a matter of ‘hanging with the girls’, as it is attempting to make a difference – alone or with a group.

A little history in the suffragette movement might be in order right now. In merry old England, the women that marched shoulder to shoulder united in a sisterhood that transcended social class; they used to be arrested, put into jail, and force fed when they went on hunger strikes – all because they did not want to be treated as property.

Perhaps that’s why it took three girly girls to take out one old tough feminist broad, Demi Moore, in Charlie’s Angels 2 – the younger generation doesn’t really know what hardship is.

Then there’s the issue of loving men. In Halley’s second post, she writes about the Alpha Male:

He doesn’t mind her being a big wig lawyer downtown in a big law firm.

Well, isn’t that just precious – today’s Alpha Male doesn’t mind when the little woman becomes a Real Time Lawyer. Maybe the truth is he doesn’t seem to mind, but he’s really frustrated; so he spends 10,000 to shoot a naked woman, as she runs like an animal from paintball guns that shoot the pellots at 200MPH.

(I also have to wonder what lesbians think of Halley’s posts – after all, they don’t love men, not in the way that Halley uses the term. Perhaps they don’t count in this new ‘girlism’ thing. Lucky them.)

Halley’s girlism is just that, for girls only. Cute babes with nice little bods who love to baby talk their Alpha Male, kicking a bad guy and presenting a legal brief by day, sex kittens by night. The rest of us need not apply.

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