Give into the serifs

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’ve changed my main content font to Georgia, and I like it much better. I have experimented around with serif fonts in the past, but couldn’t find the right combination of line height, font height, and color to suit. However, when I downloaded the CSS Zen Garden template, I liked what Dave Shea used immediately and decided to use it in Bb–without the text justification.

I’m also using a serif font for the title now, but still using Verdana for sidebar and new static menu at the top. I’m assuming mixing serif and san-serif fonts is not a page fashion faux pax*.

Another tidbit in “The Zen of CSS Design” is to use caution with letter spacing, especially with lowercase characters. I admit I am using a tight letterspacing with my post titles, but I found that the titles seemed to go on forever without it. Even after reading the warning, it’s a gamble I’ll still take — bring on the sheep!

In the end, though, it’s good to be aware of the rules of thumb and ‘laws’ of layout and design; then if you break them, it’s because you really want to, not because you’re unaware of the possibility that your site could look like shite on most people’s boxes.

*feedback would be welcome — and suggestions for the sidebar font.

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