I am the center of the Burningbird universe

As you might also notice, I’ve finished my all about me bar, which is now under the main title on all the pages.

The Feed Me page lists all the various ways to feed the bird, including hiring and sponsoring. I may have pulled ads, but I am open to sponsors–especially if its a product I can get behind. I’m still adding to the Writings page, but it gives a sampling of my work. The Resumé page is very detailed, and very long–much longer than normally recommended. However, a few years back, it wasn’t unusual for me to be working two or more consulting jobs, writing for a couple of publications, and working on a book, all at the same time. The resumé tries to cover all the different types of work and technologies I was involved with at the time.

I’ve also had people say they like my longer resumé and others say they don’t. Such is life — I’d rather give people too much, than too little.

(I think you can also see why no company will hire me for a permanent position–not with that much consulting and independent contracting behind me.)

Besides, I think it’s about time I started selling myself, rather than indulge in the all too typical female modesty, with all the disclaimers of “Aaw shucks, it ain’t no big thang”. If I continue, I’m going to female modesty myself right out of a car, computer, and Net connection. Then where would you all be? There’d be this dead void in your syndication feed lists where the Bird used to be.

Of course, having said all of this–I would like feedback on the pages. Especially that resumé page. What think? Does it help? Or hurt? I may be stubborn but I’m not mulish, and if it’s too long, or provides way too much info, I’ll cut it back.


Thanks to the kindness of those who have left comments, I have made extensive edits to the pages.

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