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Google’s Blog search

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Oh, yes. That’s what we needed: another one of these. I searched on Missouri and then had to wade through pages of real estate ads. From the review, I gather it searches blogs based on those pinging the ‘popular’ ping servers. The same servers that bring every comment spammer in the biz sniffing around your place. So I can ping or, get hundreds of new comment spam; in order to show up in Google Blog Search, and thereby attracting even more hundreds of comment, referrer, and trackback-attempt spam. Oh, yes. Just what we needed.

Boring. Boring, boring, boring. If these hotshot companies would hire more women engineers, we might actually see something different, something new rather than the same old, same old with a new package and a godlike name attached: Google Blog Search. But don’t let this stop you middle aged white boys from jumping up and down, y’hear?

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