Green Design

Vestal Design mixes coverage of environmental issues and web page design into an interesting mix. Mike Lin writes today on The Climate Project:

Well, my spirits are high and I’m going to do my best to hit the ground running. I’ve just landed in Nashville where I’ve been invited to meet with Al Gore, climate scientists, and educators this week and as participant in The Climate Project. Following in Vestal friend and collaborator Serge de Gheldere’s footsteps, I’m looking forward to learning more about climate change and reporting back this week with my thoughts, impressions and next-steps on how I hope to be more a/effective in this new year. You can read Serge’s account of his experience with The Climate Project here on Worldchanging.

Mike’s resolution is to be more effective in the New Year, and asks his readers what are our resolutions. I don’t have any, I’ve barely been cognizant that a new year has come, and I have to change what I write on checks.

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