Skeptical calendars

These are about the most fascinating calendar idea I have seen to date: Skepchick and Skepdude calendars. According to the site, and Bad Astronomy, who appears in the male calendar, the purpose of these calendars is to raise funds to support critical thinkers:

This year, we’re taking it all a step further. Not only are we adding an all-male calendar, but we’re going to use the proceeds to fund multiple $500 scholarships given out to people with demonstrated need who have a Big Idea for furthering science and reason. Beginning in January, we’ll accept applications, so start planning now. If you’re interested in applying for a scholarship, we’re going to need verification of your financial need and a business plan for how you’re going to use the scholarship to achieve the Big Idea.

I’m skeptical of the whole idea, but pleased to see both men and women featured in calendars.

But can one fund critical thinking? What can one do with a scholarship for ‘critical’ thinking? It doesn’t imply an education fund, because as we all know, there’s no guarantee of any thinking happening in education. A person could use the money to go to the Grand Canyon, buy up all the books that state the Grand Canyon is the result of the Noah’s Arc flood, and tastefully turn such into organic compost, but what would be accomplished? Silliness is like water, always flowing back into the void when reason passes.

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