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Green green

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could use a small change of subject about now. I’m in a green mood.

Yesterday, while the weather was still sunny, I went for a walk at Powder Valley. Each time I go there, it seems the woods get greener and greener, and the depths are so dark, they look black.


Walking along I heard a rustle in the trees right next to the trail and turned around coming face to face with a white-tailed deer. She looked at me, leaf still in her mouth and I looked at her, not daring to move. After a minute of eye to eye contact, she stamped her foot in warning and took off, white tail high in alarm. What a beauty.


Another bit of green came in today’s mail – a letter of acceptance from Evergreen State College for this Fall quarter. Well, now. Doesn’t this change things.

New paths have opened in front of me and I’m doing a dance of indecision at the fork. It vaguely resembles the Frug.


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