Guess who’s coming to dinner

Dave Rogers is also less than impressed with the new iMach G5 from Apple. However, he has other things to think about now – such as a possible category 5 hurricane by the name of Frances that is shaping up, from all computer models, to hit near his home. If I were a betting woman, I would bet on this storm hitting between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, with the first winds starting Thursday night/Friday morning.

(I don’t think this will impact service for this site, but note that my host’s (Hosting Matters) servers are in that area. However, if there is a problem with the servers, I do NOT want Annette, Stacey, and the gang worrying about making their way into the shop to fix the problem. Let the sites stay down – Michelle Malkin will understand. She’s a compassionate conservative.)

I’ve been watching this beast for several days, as it got stronger and more determined. The shear is low and the water is hot, and the previous activity was long ago enough so that no churn is bringing up the cooler water. And though there is a possibility of the storm being blown further north or south, even the more cautious weather forecasters are saying that it looks like it will hit the Florida this Friday. And it doesn’t look to weaken.

Hopefully those in mobile homes and along the ocean will use shelters, but they’re already maxed out with Charley. I guess one good thing about all this, if you can say anything is good about Florida being hit with two such major hurricanes in such a short time, is that support people are already there, entrenched, to help out with this one.

It’s frustrating to sit here knowing that this storm is heading towards people I know and there’s not a damn thing I can do to help them. I did sign up at the Red Cross for disaster help, but haven’t had my training yet. When I called to volunteer to help in Florida, I was gently and kindly told that our state is only sending in those with years of experience, and a newbie like me would be more trouble then help.

It’s been said that we webloggers can pool ourselves into a viable force for good. But what good can we do against Mother Nature, who always manages to demonstrate that no matter how clever we are, the Lady always wins?

However, folks in that area have good warning, and they know what to do. Including not standing out in winds in excess of 120MPH, yelling ‘hee YAH!’ at the top of their lungs, while they take pics to post.

Not that I would do something like this if I lived there. Not me.

I’ll be watching the storm, and keeping the folks there in my most positive thoughts.

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