Having Fun

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Christine over at Blah Blah Blog is so into the Anti-Bloggies that she’s using a timer to tell her when it’s okay to vote.

Now, I like that kind of passion!

This last year we haven’t had much chance to indulge in a lot of grins and giggles, and I’m having enormous fun cutting lose with anti-bloggies, Google Instant Messaging, G’Whacking, and all the other essential nonesuch.

So, get your cute little hind ends over to Christine’s, check out the list she’s compiling (I’m adding a few nominations of my own), go to the anti-bloggies, vote for one or all members of the list, and join me in a grin and a giggle.

After all, if we’re not here to have fun, why bother?

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